Materials in Studio Printmaking at COA

What is a MSDS ?

Click to image to find out.

James Ensor, 'Self Portrait in 1960' (1888)James Ensor, Self-Portrait in 1960, Etching (1886).

The following images contain links to MSDS forms and other places to inform your practice as printmakers.

Sue Coe Doctor Giving Massage to Patient with AIDS from The New Provincetown Print Project 1993

Wood Blocks and the Lumber Industry

Wood [Maisel, Forest 38]

‘Wood,’ David Maisel, (Fifth St. John’s Pond, Maine), 1986.

Why don’t we use polymer plates more?  Chain, chain, chain, chain of fools. 

Each of the items on the list below have links embedded in them.



Burnt Plate Oil

Ferric Chloride

Golden Stop-Out Varnish

Z-Acryl Hard Ground Emulsion

Z-Acryl Stop-out Varnish

Magnesium Carbonate

Process Yellow GC ink

Opaque White GC ink

Stiff Black GC ink

Ultramarine Blue GC ink

Vine Black GC ink

Burnt Umber GC ink

Burnt Sienna GC ink

Daniel Smith Inks MSDS

Easy Wipe Compound

Speedball Block Printing Ink (water-soluble)


Solarplate MSDS

Gum Arabic

Citric Acid Powder

Soda Ash

Lump Rosin

How to use B.I.G. intaglio ground



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