Helpful Hints for Intaglio Studio

Links to Short Videos and Such Things, Below
A Classic Short by Nati – Lascaux Stop-Out in the Studio


HOW TO DANCE When Completing a successful Multiple-Plate Transfer onto a Plate with a Rosin Aquatint – Featuring Margit and Mafe


TOOLS – what do they do For youroulette patterns


Tools with which to draw varied lines through Hard Ground


Further Revisions of the Plate after etching is possible.  through physically altering the surface through scraping and Burnishing with tools designed for the purpose.
Pages above are from the classic, THE ART OF ETCHING, BY E.S. LUMSDEN, 1924.



Golbanou Moghaddas, Hoopoe The Heroine, Multi-plate etching and chine collé, 2019