Reality Effect: Art and Truth in the 19th Century

cor-ma03648aThere are myriad realities described by artists and authors. This course concerns itself specifically with the development of visual Realism from 1800-1945 in Europe and America. We will examine the origin of artist methodologies of production as they relate to modernity. Our concerns will include the relation of art to significant political, sociological, and psychological programs of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The new realities created through revolutions in political and social structures, and in our understanding of the physical composition of the world itself are made evident in art that pictures social class, large historical moments, and a specific instant of time in a way that changes how we visualize reality and challenges our understanding of actuality.

Roger Fenton Valley of the Shadow of Death

Story of Art, Truth, Fiction, Propaganda


Nineteenth Century Photography


Francisco Goya

the sofa 1894-6

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

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